Hejira Live - CD (2014)

 Hejira Live front cover

A new CD release of our June 1st 2014 concert in Carlsbad CA, featuring a spectacular nine-piece lineup of Mutts of the Planet performing Joni Mitchell's 1976 Hejira album, is now available. $20 includes shipping and tax. The album features the virtuoso performances of Jamie Kime and Kevin Hennessy behind Robin's stunning renditions of some of Joni's most brilliant songs.

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Safaris to the Heart: The Songs of Joni Mitchell - CD (2010)


10 songs by Joni Mitchell, 5 recorded live at SoCal JoniFest 2009 with the one and only Mutts of the Planet. Featuring Robin Adler, Dave Blackburn, Dave Curtis, Barnaby Finch, Jeff Olson, Britt Doehring and Paul Carman with special guests Mitch Manker, Barry Cahill and Don Reed.

Safaris to the Heart: The Songs of Joni Mitchell - Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet


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